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Other Services

Tree Inspections

We are able to carry out detailed inspections of your trees, diagnosing any potential problems which could cause a hazard. Data is recorded and presented for your records.

Inspections are often required to ascertain:

  • Wildlife (birds, bats etc)
  • diseases
  • damage
  • weaknesses
  • fungi
  • support bracing


We know that there are times when you need an expert tree surgeon at short notice because you have storm damage or a fallen tree. Call us: We will be sympathetic, quick to respond and responsible in price.

Tree pruning

Pruning is important and must be done correctly. You might think, and it is true, that anyone can cut a branch off a tree? A professionally trained tree surgeon, however, will optimise the process, ensuring that it is done correctly both for the trees health and its surrounding. A tree is a complex organism that could be affected in a negative way if pruned badly.

Our tree pruning services

Crown clean: The removal of dead and diseased wood, ivy, broken, crossing and epicormic branches. Nails, wires and tree houses, you name it! we’ll even come and rescue your cat.
Crown Thin: The removal of excess/irregular branches throughout the whole crown, whilst retaining the true species shape. This process will allow more light to pass through the tree and reduced leaf weight, minimising a sail effect, which could damage branches.
Crown Reduction: By reducing the crown in height or spread, assuring the trees natural shape. This is a common task to regulate the size of a tree within its surroundings.
Crown Lift: The removal of lower branches to a specified height. Allows clearance over gardens, driveways, footpaths, roads, etc.

Crown Shaping: To rebuilding of the crown for cosmetic reasons or on mutilated and storm damaged trees.
Pollarding and Coppicing: A style of punning which is carried out periodically to stimulate growth. Allows controlled growth to a certain size, repeated over time.
Felling: A complete removal service of unwanted, dead or diseased trees. Very rarely is it that we can shout ‘timber and ‘straight fell’ a tree, space often doesn’t allow for it. Instead in a garden situation, our tree surgeons work precisely lowering gently piece by piece with the aid of ropes.
Planting and Re-planting: Choose some nice trees, we’ll plant them for you so you can watch them grow. If you need advice just call 01403 730504 or go to contacts page. Pruning when plants are young is vital to set their future, ask about our aftercare service too, we’ll make sure that they have the best start in life.
Hedges: We trim, reduce and remove all types of hedges. With modern hedging equipment let us take the effort out of your maintenance.

Stump removal

After tree removal, a good idea is to remove the stump by grinding. Disease can remain in the stump of an infected tree and spread onto neighbouring trees and shrubs. Stumps often pose a trip hazard or become a problem to lawn mow around. We are experts in stump removal and have a range of equipment to suit any size stump in almost any location.

Stump poison

When you don’t want a stump removed but preferred it wouldn’t sprout again we can use a treatment. Eco plugs are small pellets which we insert with the aid of a drill to prevent re-growth. They are 100% safe, effective and environment friendly.

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