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My neighbour’s trees are blocking my light, what can Ido?

Talk to your neighbour. Keep things civil and tell them your concern, invite them round so they can see your outlook. In advance of that conversation you might want to be aware of some facts.

Check whether there is a tree preservation order protecting the tree or whether it stands in a conservation area. You can find this out by phoning your local council. They will be able to tell you if there are any planning restrictions on the tree.

If there isn’t an order or restrictions on the tree you can,under common law, cut back overhanging trees that are encroaching upon your property, provided that you do not go over the boundary between your neighbour’s land and your own. I would strongly suggest getting agreement from your neighbour for this work to avoid any bad feeling or claims of damage. .

Does a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) only cover individual trees?

No, TPO’s can cover groups of trees and woodland as well as single trees.

I think my tree is dying?

Call 01403 730504 and speak to a qualified tree surgeon. We can arrange a site visit and give you expert advice free of charge

Who is responsible for looking after trees?

The owner of the land that the trees grow on is responsible for the tree. If for example the Council owns the land that a tree grows on, the Council is responsible for the maintenance of the tree.